One of the best-kept secrets in Western North Carolina is the quaint mountain village of Gerton, tucked high in the Upper Hickory Nut Gorge. The setting takes one back in time, having managed to stay relatively untouched in the midst of Western North Carolina’s rapid growth. Above this hamlet soars Bearwallow Mountain with breath-taking rocky cliffs. Through the main valley cascades the boulder-strewn Hickory Nut Creek with its many tumbling waterfalls.

What is Gerton like today?
Little Bear Wallow Baptist ChurchLiving in Hickory Nut Forest and in Gerton offers many diverse opportunities for recreation, entertainment and enjoyment of the outdoors. There are many miles of hiking trails, bird watching, fishing, picnicking, boating, biking, gardening, and community events. 
Hickory Nut Forest is just the beginning of what is possible for Gerton.
Village RenderingLet’s envision a future for Gerton. Ideas might include a village center with small shops, a natural foods café and juice bar, fresh local produce, coffee shop, pub with local musicians, and a bed and breakfast. It could include work spaces for entrepreneurs, artists, and professionals. It could be net-zero using renewable energy, where people could live as well as work. It could include cohousing, seniors housing and neighborhoods for families and children.

How does this sound to you? If you are interested, please contact Us.
Affordable work spaces for small business entrepreneurs and professionals
As living in Asheville gets more expensive, nearby outlying areas become more attractive! For small businesses and professionals, for artists, entrepreneurs, and people who work at home via the computer and internet, this location is ideal. You could make occasional easy trips to Asheville, but spend most of the time enjoying life in Hickory Nut Gorge. Perhaps someday soon we will use electric cars for local shopping trips!
A place where people live and walk to work
Can you see a small village center where you know your neighbors and say “hi” to them on the street— a safe place, where children can play outdoors surrounded by nature?

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